Sun Oracle Support Contract

Sun Oracle Support Contract

Product Overview

Sun Oracle SPARC, Netra, x86 Systems, Fujitsu M10 servers along with EOL Sun Enterprise, SunFire, SPARC, Sun Blade, Sun Server, Sun Oracle Flash Storage, SAN Storage, NAS Storage, Tape Storage serviced by Avartech IT Services since they were introduced. Service is available for all configurations from one device to 1000 devices. Avartech IT Services provides on-site service anywhere in the United States and Canada. Service is also available Globally on a contract basis.

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Sun Oracle Support Contracts

Avartech IT Services offers Sun / Oracle Maintenance and Support Contracts allowing users to protect their hardware and software investments. Avartech supports both end of life (EOL) and current equipment. Our Sun hardware support contracts provide the equivalent of the former Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze support levels offered by Sun Microsystems. The following features are available and prices vary based on model number, configurations, features, billing frequency, quantity and service location. Includes the following

Standard Oracle Sun Service Contract Features

  • All technical support, parts and on site labor to support all equipment listed on contract.
  • Speak to a technicain within 30 minutes.
  • Field technician on site at your service location.
  • All failed parts and components are provided and replaced by an on site field technician.
  • Factory trained support engineers.
  • Service cases can be opened at any time via phone or online.
  • Average 20%-70% lower cost than Factory support plans.
  • Billing Frequency can be either 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 month billing.
  • Multi-vendor support for Sun Oracle and 50,000 other makes and models on one agreement.
  • Optional Oracle Sun Service Contract Features

  • 7x24 2-hour or 4-hour response time 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year.
  • M-F 8-5 4 hour response time Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.
  • M-F NBD 8-5 next business day response Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.
  • Service-Partner For clients that need parts and technical support and the client provides all on site labor.
  • Per-Incident Avartech charges a monthly subscription and parts / labor as needed.
  • System Administration and Remote System monitoring.
  • Operating System Support, upgrades and patch management.
  • Oracle Sun Service Contracts

    Avartech supports a wide variety of Sun hardware configurations, from small network appliances up to mainframe installations. We support over 50,000 other makes and models that can be combined for large discounts on one support contract. The following is a list of most common Sun Oracle models we support below.

  • (Sun Servers, 1-8 CPUs) BL1600, B100s, B100x, B200x, V100, V120, V210, V240, V250, 280R, V60x, V65x, V20z, V40z, V480, V880, V880z, V440, V490, V890, 3800
  • (Sun Servers, 12-24 CPUs) 4800, 4810, 6800, V1280, 2900, 4900, 6900
  • (Sun Servers, 52+ CPUs) 12k, 15k, 20k, 25k
  • (Sun Workstations) W1100z, W2100z, SB150, SB1500, SB2500
  • (Sun Storage: Workgroup) 3120, 3310, 3510, 3511, S1, T3 Workgroup
  • (Sun Storage: Midrange) 3900, 6120, 6320, 6900, 6920, T3 Enterprise
  • (Sun Storage: Datacenter) Hitachi 9970, 9980

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